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white watercolor florals on black paper with a wedge brush
dip pen calligraphy lowercase alphabet practice sheet

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learn calligraphy engraving at your own pace from kestrel montes of inkmethis
Calligraphy Engraving:
Basics to Beyond

Take your calligraphy to a whole new set of surfaces! This comprehensive course shows you the exact process of engraving on multiple surfaces including glass, metal, stone and more!

learn how to book live calligraphy engraving events from kestrel montes of inkmethis
Calligraphy Engraving:
Going Pro

Want to add engraving to your professional calligraphy services?  Learn the ins and outs of offering engraving to private clients and luxury brands. Includes enrollment in Basics to Beyond Course


Learn proper techniques from quality instructors for a successful calligraphy and engraving experience. 

Serious about learning? 

The true rockstar calligraphers we all admire take the same class multiple times and they take the same subject from multiple instructors to continue developing their skills. If you want to make a master calligrapher laugh, just say, "I already took that class."

Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Perfect for those who wonder how people make it look so easy! Gain success and confidence by building the foundational skills left out of most workshops because there simply isn't time! This is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

Shadow Letters, The Art of Hand Embossing

Is there anything more captivating than using texture and light to create your designs? Learn this fabulous technique for adding dimension to your paper.

Address List Management for Calligraphers

Learn the computer side of calligraphy envelope addressing to make centering a breeze and save you time and energy when dealing with large lists of names and addresses.

improve your champagne bottle painting skills for live events
Bottle Painting: Leveling Up

Whitney Forbes takes your bottle painting skills to a whole new level! Not required but highly recommended that you have taken Whitney's January bottle painting course to be familiar with her techniques.

MAY 2023
learn how to deisgn large calligraphy vow commissions with suzanne cunningham and kestrel montes
Conquering Layouts

Ready to tackle long pieces without breaking your brain? Learn the approaches of Harvest Crittenden, Suzanne Cunningham & Kestrel Montes! They unlock the mystery of arranging quantities of text and adding design elements without any headaches.

MAY 2023
use a glass pen to write calligraphy script with anne elser
Open Shaded Script

Create the impression of pointed pen with pure monoline strokes! Grab glass pen, fountain pen, colored pencils and learn this fun script from its designer, Anne Davnes (Elser)!

MAY 2023
advance your copperplate calligraphy skills with suzanne cunningham
Copperplate Script

Keep improving (or just get started) in Copperplate with Suzanne Cunningham! This classic hand is a timeless favorite for its swells and hairlines.

MAY 2023
learn dip pen calligraphy flourishing script from schin loong
Fanciful Flourishing

Learn the whimsical and bold flourishes that deck Schin Loong's calligraphy and engravings! Swirls and curls and fancy fun make Schin's style extra romantic.

JUNE 2023
learn to paint watercolor florals from jerome jonathan
Lush and Dainty Club

Jerome Jonathan grows our flower powers with all the supporting actors: smaller flowers and greenery! Build your repertoire of flowers so our bouquets will burst.

JUNE 2023
how to draw line art florals for calligraphy and engraving with jen sweeney
Line Art Florals

It's time to draw florals with Jen Sweeney! These florals will be a perfect addition to your calligraphy pieces or your engravings! Paint them in, leave them outlines, or engrave them on glass. Heck, you might even design your first tattoo!

JUNE 2023
how to draw line art florals for calligraphy and engraving with jen sweeney
Animation for Calligraphers

Did you know you can use your iPad and Procreate to make your calligraphy come to life in motion? Haven't seen that yet? It brings a whole new meaning to "it jumps right off the page."


Need help getting started? 

Calligraphy can be  tricky at first. Knowing what tools to buy and then how to successfully use them can be daunting. We have you covered!

learn blackletter calligraphy with a broad edge nib or parallel pen from patti adams

Perfect for titles and stunning name plates, Blackletter commands attention and oozes sophistication. Learn the letterforms with a broad nib or parallel pen or draw them to fill with paint.

AUG 2023
how to paint house portraits and venue illustrations from jen sweeney
Watercolor House Portraits

House portraits make the most amazing gifts or commissions! Jen Sweeney walks us through her steps from drafting to adding the most intricate details that bring these homes to life.

AUG 2023
learn how to make money and grow your calligraphy business from kestrel montes of inkmethis
The Business of Calligraphy

Kestrel Montes, of INKMETHIS, reveals her strategies to building a thriving creative business: determining the focus, finding clients, licenses, marketing, social media, offering services, selling products, diversifying revenue streams, passive income, buying wholesale & more! 

AUG 2023
learn to combine calligraphy script and floral drawings to create flourished alphabets with anne elser
Flora: Blooming Letters

Bust out your watercolor pencils with Anne Davnes (Elser) and get ready for some Flora magic! You'll learn to incorporate gentle forms of curving leaves, folding petals, and sweeping stems into and along the oval paths of your letterforms and flourishes.

SEP 2023
learn to decorate your christmas calligraphy envelopes for holiday mailings with suzanne cunningham
Deck the Halls: Holiday Envelopes

Every November, we all wait with anticipation to see what Suzanne Cunningham will create for her yearly holiday mailing. And she's going to gather all her designs and share them with us in time for this year's season!!

SEP 2023
learn italic hand calligraphy with a broad edge nib or parallel pen from speedball textbook editor sachin shah
Italic Hand

Curvy yet angular, Sachin Shah gives a fluid and graceful touch to this Renaissance era alphabet. Italic hand combines well with many calligraphy script styles making it a dynamic and popular choice for invitations and art pieces.

SEP 2023
learn live event fashion illustration from author schin loong
Fashion Illustration

Transform an image into a simple and quick line drawing. Then, add the right touch of watercolor and bam! Schin Loong shows us how she uses this skill to offer live event illustration services to luxury brands and to create fun personal art projects!

SEP 2023
learn to successfully write calligraphy with a dip pen pointed nib
Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Perfect for those who wonder how people make it look so easy! Gain success and confidence by building the foundational skills involved in pointed pen left out of most workshops because there simply isn't time! This really is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

learn how to paint watercolor maps for invitation and gifts from jen sweeney
Watercolor Maps

Grab your brushes and let's create custom watercolor maps with Jen Sweeney! What a fun gift for a new couple, a baby's room, a new home or add this skill as a new service you offer clients! (Feel free to use colored pencils instead of paint.)

OCT 2023
learn gilding techniques and illuminated initials from master penman harvest crittenden
Illuminated Initials

Finally add show-stopping elements to your certificates and keepsake pieces! And we mean using real gold leaf, not just gold paint. You're in luck!! Master Penman Harvest Crittenden will teach us the step-by-step process to create stunning illuminated initials.

OCT 2023
learn copperplate calligraphy flourishing of both flourished capitals and lowercase letters from suzanne cunningham
Flourishing: The Art of the Oval

Take your calligraphy to the next level with Suzanne Cunningham! When executed correctly, flourishing is a beautiful way to enhance & elevate your letterforms. Learn Suzanne's favorite flourishes and the rules that unlock the secrets to making yours look balanced and elegant. 

OCT 2023
learn how to paint watercolor floral bouquets from jerom jonathan
The Bouquet Waltz

Join Jerome Jonathan in composing stunning bouquets of watercolor flowers! Let's bring all the big beauties, filler flowers and greenery together to create our clustered masterpieces.

SEPT 2023
learn to write engrossers script and refine your copperplate calligraphy with ash giri
Engrosser's Script

Known for it's drastic shades and drawn structure, Engrosser's Script is a show-stopping choice. takes Ash Giri guides us in developing skillful pen control and a keen understanding of the letterforms.

OCT 2023
Flourishing Frenzy - Holiday Edition

Traci Thompson guides us through using calligraphy strokes and mini cartouches in a whole new way. You'll learn her tricks to filling spaces to create any shape! This fun technique is perfect for creating special gifts and greeting cards!

NOV 2023

Learn from the best! 


We are dedicated to bringing you quality calligraphy and engraving learning opportunities. We understand and value the importance formally taught instructors. 

learn how to remove ink from paper and correct calligraphy mistakes
Correcting Mistakes

Did you know you can often remove ink from paper? Watch how to salvage that piece you just spent so long creating.

learn how to remove creased from paper to fix wrikles
Fixing Creased Paper

Errrrg. The cat jumped onto the table and stepped on it. See how to repair those bent fibers and smooth things out.

learn how to use an oblique calligraphy pen and successfully write with a dip pen
Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Learn behind-the-scenes foundational skills for sucess with a dip pen (the things left out of most workshops because there simply isn't time)!


Calligraphy is an art that never goes out of style. Learning is an experience we benefit from forever. 


improve your spencerian calligraphy skills with master penman harvest crittenden
Spencerian: Advanced Study

Master Penman Harvest Crittenden leads an advanced study of this elegant vintage script. Get ready to elevate the quality and style of your script with an in-depth study of alternate letter-forms, intricate capitals, advanced entry strokes and a bit of decorative flourishes.

learn to use a wedge brush to paint watercolor florals and butterflies with jen sweeney
The Wedge Brush Garden

Want to adorn your calligraphy with delicate watercolor butterflies, flowers & greenery? Calligrapher Jen Sweeney @jsweeneydesigns shares her love for watercolor & walnut ink! Grab a nib and a wedge brush - Jen leads us through her signature garden style. 

learn to use a ruling pen to write a modern calligraphy alphabet with speedball textbook editor sachin shah
Ruling Pen

Love the dramatic and edgy vibe of a ruling pen? The ruling pen makes a fun addition to your calligraphy skills! These strange pens that look like something out of the garage toolbox create interesting textures and expressive strokes. Let's break it out and Sachin will show you his ways! 

learn to add decorated borders to your calligraphy pieces and manuscripts from master penman harvest crittenden
Renaissance Vine Borders

IAMPETH Master Penman Harvest Crittenden teaches teaches us to enhance our pieces with beautiful borders! This class will focus on traditional vine designs that add dimension and visual interest to our calligraphy work. 

learn the spencerian calligraphy alphabet from master penman harvest crittenden
Spencerian Structures 

Spencerian is known for it's delicate, sweeping lines. Learn one of the most requested bridal hands from Master Penman Harvest Crittenden. Perfect for those interested in learning or improving their skill in this elegant vintage hand.

learn offhand flourishing and calligraphic drawing from schin loong
Calligraphic Drawing

Schin Loong, author of Calligraphic Drawing, creates stunning and whimsical drawings using pointed pen flourishes. Learn Schin's friendly step-by-step process that culminates in incorporating words/addresses into your flourished masterpieces!

learn how to create traditional calligraphy script monograms for weddings and embroidery with suzanne cunningham
Script Monograms 

Suzanne Cunningham guides us through her process of creating flourished script capitals that beautifully nest together forming one cohesive unit. Script Monograms are a favorite of Southern culture so nobody better to teach us than Suzanne!

learn to paint watercolor wreaths and ornaments using a wedge brush with jen sweeney
Winter Wedge Wonderland

It's time to switch from spring flowers to winter berries and foliage wreaths! Jen Sweeney @jsweeneydesigns walks us through her holiday designs perfect for greeting cards, gift tags and framed decor! Get your wedge brush and grab some paint. We're going to the Winter Wonderland!

learn the traditional white vines decorated borders from master penman harvest crittenden
White Vines Decorated Borders 

Often seen in the Zanerian Manual, white vine decorations date back to the 12th-15th centuries. Join IAMPETH Master Penman Harvest Crittenden in exploring some simple to complex designs that you can incorporate into your art and certificate pieces.

best supplies and techniques for bottle painting at live events with whitney forbes
The Fine Art of Bottle Painting

Start gathering some bottles (or small picture frames) and let's learn from the best! Whitney Forbes stands out as having mastered the art of glass painting. Learn everything she has discovered herself about what works on glass to make the designs detailed, elegant and vibrant.

learn modern calligraphy script with swashes from suzanne cunningham
Imperial Script 

Suzanne Cunningham's Imperial Script is fun and dramatic at the same time! Many of you already admire Suzanne's traditional calligraphy but her modern styles are just as elegant. In this two-session class, you'll learn the whole upper and lowercase alphabet that Suzanne developed.

learn gothic hand using a broad edge nib or parallel pen with ash giri
Gothic Hand

Learn the bold beauty of Gothic Hand with Ash Giri! Composed of multiple small strokes, Gothic dates back to the 1200's and mixes well with pointed pen or stands on it's own as a dramatic statement! 

Madarasz Script calligraphy workshop for a classic pointed pen hand with schin loong
Madarasz Script

Learn the swirling romantic hand of early 20th century penman Louis Madarasz with Schin Loong @openinkstand! Madarasz became known for his dramatically ornate script. And Schin's interpretation is stunning!

learn to draw cartouches and flourishes with a dip pen with traci thompson
Flourishing Frenzy

Traci Thompson guides us through using calligraphy strokes and mini cartouches in a whole new way. You'll learn her tricks to filling spaces to create any shape! This fun technique is perfect for creating special gifts and greeting cards!

calligraphy workshop to improve your Copperplate Script skills with kestrel montes of inkmethis
Copperplate Script

Arguably the most recognized traditional script, Copperplate, is a "must-have" in your calligraphy toolbelt. Kestrel Montes teaches the structure of an elegant upper and lowercase alphabet with variations.

learn to draw watercolor peonies and other large florals with jerome jonathan
Big Bloom Party

Jerome Jonathan, a calligrapher turned watercolor artist, teaches us the art of watercolor florals. This class will focus on large blooms such as peonies, king protea, roses, sunflowers, and more... The stars of the show!

learn the proper calligraphy envelope addressing etiquette with suzanne cunningham
Envelopes & Etiquette

The calligrapher's guide to proper envelope addressing with Suzanne Cunningham! Learn everything that goes into the process of bulk addressing. Suzanne guides you from list preparation all the way through to safe delivery.

learn to add painted borders to your illuminated manuscripts with master penman harvest crittenden
Repeating Patterns

IAMPETH Master Penman Harvest Crittenden teaches us to transform a couple inches worth of art into endless possibilities! We'll explore simple to complex designs that you can incorporate into your art and certificate pieces.

improve your handwriting and cursive script with anne elser
Flourished Cursive Crush

Did you miss out on cursive in school? Anne Davnes (Elser) makes us fall in love with the art of script. This is the perfect opportunity to make your cursive shine. From simple notes to special gift pieces, pretty cursive is a sweet addition.

how to digitize calligraphy in Adobe Illustrator for letterpress with Swell Press
Digitizing Calligraphy

Wine labels, laser engraving, letterpress printing... they all require a special vectorization process to preserve the beauty of your strokes! Britt Rohr teaches the steps to transform paper and ink (or iPad) calligraphy into the digital format needed for reproduction.

Ditch the Paper

Jen Sweeney teaches us to use watercolor on all different surfaces. No longer limited to paper, we'll use watercolor on wood, metal, stone, you name it! 

Procreate for Calligraphers

Procreate is a powerful tool that lets us create endless designs without the mess or limitations of ink. Calligrapher Yasar Mohammad of @yamohcreates turned to his iPad and mastered the same amazing pointed pen and broad edge scripts!

Modern Calligraphy

We can always count on Suzanne Cunningham for the most polished scripts and her Modern Calligraphy style is no exception! Instead of an "anything goes" approach to, Suzanne stays true to classic rules but gives them a playful twist.

Unlocking the Formula

How much money have you wasted on paint? How many hours have you spent trying to mix the perfect matching ink? Harvest Crittenden shows us the secret to using only 5 tubes of gouache to mix any color for a perfect match!

Pointed Pen Twist

Let's do broad edge hands with a pointed pen! Sachin Shah breaks down creating Romans and Uncial with a pointed nib. Perfect as the main star of a piece or as the small attribution, people will be amazed at your precision.

Gothicized Italics

Explore this mashup of Blackletter and Italics with Patti Adams. The bold yet elegant look of Gothicized Italic makes it perfect for titles and features mixed with pointed pen or on its own.