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learn calligraphy engraving at your own pace from kestrel montes of inkmethis
Calligraphy Engraving:
Basics to Beyond

Take your calligraphy to a whole new set of surfaces! This comprehensive course shows you the exact process of engraving on multiple surfaces including glass, metal, stone and more!

learn how to book live calligraphy engraving events from kestrel montes of inkmethis
Calligraphy Engraving:
Going Pro

Want to add engraving to your professional calligraphy services?  Learn the ins and outs of offering engraving to private clients and luxury brands. Includes enrollment in Basics to Beyond Course

learn how to book live calligraphy engraving events from kestrel montes of inkmethis
Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Do you wonder how people make it look so easy? Learn behind-the-scenes foundational skills for success with a dip pen (the things that aren't shared in workshops because there simply isn't time)!

Broad Edge: Tips & Tricks

Achieve success and confidence by mastering the essential broad edge skills often overlooked in typical workshops due to time constraints. This is the breakthrough you've been searching for.

Shadow Letters, The Art of Hand Embossing

Add a captivating dimension to your works with light and texture.

Address List Management 

Gain the computer skills to manage client lists with ease and center calligraphy effortlessly.

Heat Foiling

Add permanent foil to fabrics, papers, and leathers to wow your clients and friends!

how to use the cmyk formula to mix gouache and inks for color matching with master penman harvest crittenden
Unlocking the CMYK Formula: Color Mixing & Matching

Save a ton of money and effort by quickly mixing any color for a perfect match every time!

The Business of Calligraphy

Build a thriving creative business with step-by-step guidance from an artist who turned calligraphy into a multi-six-figure income.

how to use the cmyk formula to mix gouache and inks for color matching with master penman harvest crittenden
Hermann Kilian Retro Capitals

Explore a captivating retro hand with unique forms and woven layouts.

My Beloved Acanthus

Master the art of drawing and painting elegant acanthus leaf compositions. 

Soft Pastel Background Washes

Quickly and easily add soft background color behind or around your lettering or decorations.

Modern Brush Calligraphy

Discover your creative potential and bring your calligraphy dreams to life with the magic of a brush pen!

Stationery Designer Insider

Add stationery design to your client services! We'll take you from first inquiry, through the design process, and all the way to project production.

Gilding: Traditional to Modern Techniques

Step into the enchanting world of illuminated manuscripts. Master the art of flat and raised gilding.

Digitizing Calligraphy

Transform inked, painted, or Procreate art into the digital format needed for reproduction.

A bunch of FREE resources!

Everything from guidesheets and Procreate brushes to engraving recommendations and mini-lessons on fixing inked mistakes! 


Learn proper techniques from quality instructors for a successful calligraphy and engraving experience. 

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white watercolor florals on black paper with a wedge brush
dip pen calligraphy lowercase alphabet practice sheet


Join us for the live making of the classes (totally optional) or enjoy the recordings! These classes are filmed live and the recordings are loaded later the same day for your continued learning experience!

Italian Hand

Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of Italian Hand Calligraphy guided by Cecilia Boschi.

AUG 2024 | $195
Mastering Flat Brush Lettering

Sachin Shah teaches us to dominate this alternative lettering tool with an exploration of broad edge hands.

AUG 2024 | $195
learn live event fashion illustration from author schin loong
Fashion Illustration

A quick sketch, the right touch of color and bam! Schin Loong masterfully breaks it down for us!

SEP 2024 | $195
learn to successfully write calligraphy with a dip pen pointed nib
Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Gain success and confidence by building the foundational skills left out of most workshops. The game-changer to reveal how people make pointed pen look so easy!

learn copperplate calligraphy flourishing of both flourished capitals and lowercase letters from suzanne cunningham
Flourishing: The Art of the Oval

If executed well, flourishing enhances & elevates letterforms. Learn Suzanne's favorite flourishes and the secrets to making yours elegant. 

SEPT 2024 | $195
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Holiday Flourishing Frenzy 

Ditch the letters and get into the Fall mood with Traci Thompson's fun take on the holidays! 

SEPT 2024 | $95
Spencerian for Beginners & Improvers

IAMPETH Certified Kalo Chu, guides us through  precise examination and  thoughtful execution of this highly popular hand.

SEPT 2024 | $195
learn to decorate your christmas calligraphy envelopes for holiday mailings with suzanne cunningham
Deck the Halls: Holiday Designs

Every year, we eagerly await Suzanne Cunningham's yearly holiday creation. She gathered her designs to share in time for this year's season!!

SEP 2024 | $195
Beyond the Line

We're abandoning the standard line breaks and traditional text wrapping! Rachel Yallop shares her strategies for adding interest by arranging writing in creative layouts!

OCT 2024 | $95
learn to successfully write calligraphy with a dip pen pointed nib
Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Gain success and confidence by building the foundational skills left out of most workshops because there simply isn't time! This is the game-changer to reveal how people make it look so easy!

Pointed Pen Romans & Uncial

Sachin Shah breaks down creating Romans and Uncial ... but with a pointed nib. People will be amazed by your precision!

OCT 2024 | $195
how to paint house portraits and venue illustrations from jen sweeney
Watercolor House Portraits

Such amazing gifts or commissions! Jen Sweeney takes us from draft to the most intricate details that bring these homes to life.

OCT 2024 | $195
Copperplate Script

Keep improving (or just get started) in Copperplate with Suzanne Cunningham! This classic hand is a timeless favorite.

NOV 2024 | $195
Gothicized Italics

Explore this mashup of Blackletter and Italics with Patti Adams. This bold yet elegant hand is perfect on its own or mixed with pointed pen.

NOV 2024 | $195
Floral Borders & Banners

Jen Sweeney


Calligraphy is an art that never goes out of style. Learning is an experience that benefits us forever. 

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learn blackletter calligraphy with a broad edge nib or parallel pen from patti adams
learn italic hand calligraphy with a broad edge nib or parallel pen from speedball textbook editor sachin shah
Italic Hand
learn how to paint watercolor maps for invitation and gifts from jen sweeney
Watercolor Maps
learn gilding techniques and illuminated initials from master penman harvest crittenden
Illuminated Initials
learn how to paint watercolor floral bouquets from jerom jonathan
The Bouquet Waltz
Advanced Spencerian
The Wedge Brush Garden
Ruling Pen
Renaissance Vine Borders
Calligraphic Drawing
Calligraphy Numbers 
Winter Wedge Wonderland
White Vines Decorated Borders
Deco Delight: Art Deco Borders