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Hi, I’m Kestrel! Together, with my husband, Francisco, we are dedicated to bringing you quality calligraphy and engraving products and learning opportunities. As a career educator, I founded because I understand and value the importance of quality instruction. Join me and other professional guest instructors for online classes to learn from the comfort of your own home. We can't wait to share this world of beautiful creations with you!


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Free Resources

Can’t wait to get started? Help yourself to these free downloads now!


Faux Calligraphy 

Grab a pencil or ballpoint pen! See how anyone can create beautiful and fun lettering with basic writing tools and a few easy steps! Even the kids will enjoy this with you.

Recommended Supply List

Beautiful calligraphy can be created with very minimal supplies... but weeding through the piles of listings can be a bit daunting. See my favorites to help you get started.

Progress Tracking Templates

Documenting your progress is an important aspect of learning! Use these blank templates to document your current writing. Repeat the process after a class and celebrate your success!