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Kestrel Montes San Francisco Bay Area Calligrapher and Engraver

Kestrel Montes


Kestrel Montes is the creative force behind INKMETHIS and founder of learncalligraphy.com and Nibtique.  Honored to be an IAMPETH instructor and Calligraphy Masters Crew Member, Kestrel's experience as a math and Spanish teacher paired with her Master's Degree in Educational Leadership gives her a unique skill set to promote calligraphy education and professional community building. 

Francisco Montes San Francisco Bay Area laser engraver and handmade calligraphy pen maker

Francisco Montes


Francisco, other half of INKMETHIS, is the maker and fixer behind all things that work from handmade calligraphy pen holders to laser engraving to aaaaack the internet crashed! While you won't see Francisco in front of the camera, he is always behind the scenes supporting the calligraphy community.

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Suzanne Cunningham calligrapher and co-editor of the Speedball Textbook

Suzanne Cunningham


Suzanne Cunningham needs no introduction to many of us in the calligraphy community! With 27 years of experience, her skill and grace constantly wow us. Suzanne offers commissioned calligraphy services and frequently teaches for IAMPETH as well as local guilds and private lessons. Suzanne is a Calligraphy Masters Crew Member and Co-Editor of the Speedball Textbook 25th Edition.

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, IAMPETH Certified Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, director of the Spencerian Saga

Harvest Crittenden

IAMPETH Certified Master Penman

One of the few living Certified Master Penman, Harvest Crittenden is the owner of Acorn Arts and Director of the Spencerian Saga. Highly esteemed in the international calligraphy community, Harvest has almost 50 years experience as a professional artist and instructor. Her client list boasts of numerous universities, museums, sports teams and many important figures such as The Emperor of Japan and President Clinton.

Online calligraphy workshop instructor,Schin Loong Calligrapher and Graphic Artist

Schin Loong


Schin Loong is the artist behind Open Ink Stand and author of Calligraphic Drawing, A How-to Guide and Gallery Exploring the Art of the Flourish. Schin is an IAMPETH instructor, a highly skilled graphic designer, painter, knitter, pattern designer, engraver, pianist... She kind of does it all!

Online calligraphy digitizing workshop instructor, Britt Rohr owner of Swell Press Stationery Designer and Letterpress Artist

Britt Rohr


Britt Rohr is owner of Swell Press, a Southern California based stationery studio, known for her unique aesthetic and refined designs. Britt works closely with calligraphers to transform their script into gorgeous pieces of paper art!

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Calligraphy Master Crew Member Sachin Shah Calligrapher and Lettering Artist

Sachin Shah


Sachin is a software engineer by qualification and a calligrapher by passion for over 25 years. Always fascinated by letters and an inspiration to many Sachin is a Calligraphy Masters Crew member and Co-Editor of the Speedball Textbook 25th Edition.

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Anne Davnes Elser Calligrapher

Anne Davnes


Anne’s creation of the calligraphic hand, Open-Shaded Script, was featured in the Speedball Textbook 25th Edition. Anne believes that making art and nurturing the process for others creates a channel for truth and human connections. Blending both logical and philosophical approaches, Anne’s unique teaching approach paves the way for the surprising ease of creative growth.

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Jerome Jonathan Watercolor Artist

Whitney Forbes


Whitney Forbes is owner and primary artist of The Haute Press, located in the heart of sunny Orange County, California. Whitney's hand painted "Haute Bottles" have become beloved stars of Instagram and a favored gift of many clients.

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Jen Sweeney Watercolor Artist

Jen Sweeney


Jen Sweeney enjoyed a 30 year career as a Pediatric Nurse/Nurse Practitioner but left the medical field in 2019 to start her business J Sweeney Designs. Calligraphy was her first love but now she’s smitten with watercolor. Known for her love of the wedge brush she continues to uncover innovative ways to use this tool. When not creating she’s likely out cycling with her husband.

Online calligraphy class instructor, Yasar Mohamed Calligrapher

Yasar Mohamed


Yasar is an Engineer from India living in Germany. With a passion for calligraphy since he was only 5, he now focuses primarily on Copperplate. Exploration led him to create multiple Procreate brushes that digitally mimic pointed pen and broad edge nibs. He's become quite the wealth of iPad knowledge for calligraphers.

Online calligraphy class instructor, Traci Thompson Calligrapher and Engraver

Traci Thompson


Traci is a professional calligrapher and engraver located in Northern California. Traci is best known for her unique take on calligraphic drawing using a dense compilation of delicate cartouches and calligraphic strokes to create eye-catching illustrations. 

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Jerome Jonathan Watercolor Artist

Jerome Jonathan


Jerome Jonathan is a full-time watercolor artist, calligrapher & educator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jerome started his art journey as a pointed pen calligrapher and is now known for his lush and romantic florals. His colorful bouquets stop the scroll on Instagram!

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Patti Adams of New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts

Patti Adams


Patti is a busy calligrapher, living and working in New Orleans. She specializes in a wide array of unique commissions including proclamations and invitations for Mardi Gras, custom lettering for books, gilding projects and book illustration. She teaches workshops across the country including most recently, at IAMPETH 2022.  She is on the faculty of the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and Loyola University and in her "spare time,” continues her 30 year career as a professional flutist with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. She lives in the historic Garden District with her musician husband and their two incorrigible doodle doggies, Bijou and Beignet. 

Online calligraphy workshop instructor, Ashok Ash Giri Calligrapher and Graphic Artist

Ashok Giri


Ashok Giri is a multi-disciplinary artist based in India with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts. After a successful career as an award-winning advertising agency creative director, he has returned to his craft of calligraphy & typography and recently achieved IAMPETH certification in Engrosser's Script.



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