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Engraving Classes

Calligraphy Engraving:
Basics to Beyond

Take your calligraphy to a whole new set of surfaces! This comprehensive course shows you the exact process (bur, RPM setting, surface prep, etc.) of engraving on multiple surfaces including glass, metal, stone and more!

Calligraphy Engraving:
Going Pro

Want to add engraving to your professional calligraphy services?  Learn the ins and outs of offering engraving to private clients and luxury brands. Includes enrollment in Basics to Beyond Course


Calligraphy Classes

Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Perfect for those who wonder how people make it look so easy! Learn the behind the scenes foundational skills left out of most workshops because there simply isn't time! Understanding x-height ratios, flange alignment, paper rotation, mixing ink, using gum arabic and so much more! This really is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

The Business of Calligraphy

Kestrel Montes, of INKMETHIS, reveals her strategies to building a thriving creative business: determining the focus, finding clients, licenses, marketing, social media, offering services, selling products, diversifying revenue streams, passive income, buying wholesale & more! She'll help you launch your dreams! Hosted by Master Penman Harvest Crittenden.

JAN 2022 | $395 VIA ACORN ARTS
Imperial Script 

Suzanne Cunningham's Imperial Script is fun and dramatic at the same time! Many of you already admire Suzanne's traditional calligraphy but her modern styles are just as elegant. In this two-session class, you'll learn the whole upper and lowercase alphabet that Suzanne developed.

JAN 2022 | $95
spencerian calligraphy workshop
Spencerian: Advanced Study

Master Penman Harvest Crittenden leads an advanced study of this elegant vintage script. Get ready to elevate the quality and style of your script with an in-depth study of alternate letter-forms, intricate capitals, advanced entry strokes and a bit of decorative flourishes.

JAN 2022 | $195
Envelopes & Etiquette

The calligrapher's guide to proper envelope addressing with Suzanne Cunningham! Learn everything that goes into the process of offering envelope addressing as a professional service. Suzanne guides you from list preparation all the way through to safe client delivery.

FEB 2022 | $195
Calligraphy Numbers 

Kestrel Montes puts the spotlight on numbers! Learn multiple variations for aesthetic options plus ordinal numbers, mixed postal codes and roman numerals. Addresses and dates are finally going to shine! Hosted by Master Penman Harvest Crittenden.

The Wedge Brush Garden

Want to adorn your calligraphy with delicate watercolor butterflies, flowers & greenery? Calligrapher Jen Sweeney @jsweeneydesigns shares her love for watercolor & walnut ink! Grab a nib and a wedge brush - Jen leads us through her signature garden style. 

MAR 2022 | $195
Ruling Pen

Love the dramatic and edgy vibe of a ruling pen? The ruling pen makes a fun addition to your calligraphy skills! These strange pens that look like something out of the garage toolbox create interesting textures and expressive strokes. Let's break it out and Sachin will show you his ways! 

MAR 2022 | $95
Conquering Layouts

Ready to tackle long pieces without breaking your brain? Learn the approaches of Harvest Crittenden, Suzanne Cunningham & Kestrel Montes! They unlock the mystery of arranging quantities of text, line breaks, centering, paper size, drafting. We'll also talk papers, inks, sealants, signing, pricing and shipping! 

MAR 2022 | $245
Madarasz Script

Learn the swirling romantic hand of early 20th century penman Louis Madarasz with Schin Loong @openinkstand! Madarasz became known for his dramatically ornate script. And Schin's interpretation is stunning! If you love flourishes and swells, this script is for you!

MAR 2022 | $195
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Correcting Mistakes

Did you know you can often remove ink from paper? Watch how to salvage that piece you just spent so long creating.

Fixing Creased Paper

Errrrg. The cat jumped onto the table and stepped on it. See how to repair those bent fibers and smooth things out.

Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

Learn behind-the-scenes foundational skills for sucess with a dip pen (the things left out of most workshops because there simply isn't time)!


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