Want to see your calligraphy on wine labels, merchandise, logos and letterpress pretties?

The first step is to learn digitizing!!

for laser engraving

for merch production

for letterpress printing

What you'll learn:

Knowing how to transform your ink & paper calligraphy to a print-ready digital graphic is an essential skill for expanding your calligraphy offerings to products and prints. Logos, product labels, screen printing, laser engraving, font files, letterpress... they all require a special digitizing process!

  • Step-by-step process in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (you can use a free trial plan)
  • How to enhance the quality of your scanned image beyond the capacity of your scanner
  • How to cleanly photograph your work if you don't have a scanner
  • How Procreate fits into things (hint, you still have to digitize in Photoshop!)
  • Perfecting the integrity of pointed pen hairlines
  • Removing backgrounds on colored art (i.e. watercolor) for print reproduction
  • How to clean up the digital image to remove stray ink marks and rough edges
  • How to prepare print-ready files for letterpress, flat printing, laser engraving and digital overlay
  • The difference between bitmap files and vector files
  • When and why you need to vectorize your work
  • How to provide files to printers and graphic designers with confidence (aka files that won't be rejected!)
  • Be ready to rock all the options that digitizing unlocks!!

How this will work:

  • This is a live online group workshop.
  • Live lessons will be recorded and available for replay.
  • Each lesson will be approximately 2 hours plus a 30 minute Q&A session.
  • You will be able to see a close view of the instructor's desk.
  • All handouts, links and recordings are found in the course portal.


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About Britt:

Britt Rohr is a professional letterpress artist and owner of Swell Press, a Southern California based stationery studio known for her unique aesthetic and refined designs. Britt works closely with calligraphers to transform their script into gorgeous pieces of paper art!