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Learn the most versatile and timeless script!

Students brand new to Copperplate will learn the details of the script in order to practice effectively.
Students who have prior experience with Copperplate will learn to hone their skills and further polish and "perfect" their letterforms.

cyndi b
Kestrel is a wonderful teacher! Her educational background shines through!

kymberly a
Kestrel's teaching style is comprehensive, articulate, and thoughtfully structured.  Each lesson immediately improved my lettering! 

What you'll learn:

Copperplate is the most widely recognized traditional calligraphy script and, thus, a must-have in every calligrapher's skillset. Even if you are a lover of Modern calligraphy, learning Copperplate will greatly enhance the beauty of your other hands!

You will learn the foundational structure and form of Copperplate script. We'll break down the details and learn to evaluate our own script to identify areas of improvement. We'll learn all the upper and lowercase letters as well as alternate variations for adding visual interest to your writing! 

How this will work:

  • This is a live online group workshop.
  • Live lessons will be recorded and available for replay.
  • Each lesson will be approximately 2 hours plus a 30 minute Q&A session.
  • You will be able to see a close view of the instructor's paper.
  • All handouts, links and recordings are found in the course portal.

A perfect script for engraving or brush pens!

About Kestrel:

Kestrel, owner of INKMETHIS, is a San Francisco Bay Area calligrapher and engraver. After 14 years in public education, Kestrel left the school world for a life of creating and teaching beautiful writing!