Calligraphy Demo: Achieving Fine Hairlines

May 16, 2020

Instagram Live Mini Lesson #5 (May 16, 2020, Instagram @inkmethis Live Story)

An exploration of the reaction between nib, paper, ink and hand. See the angle to which I hold the nib to the paper and the elements that come into play in achieving fine hairlines. 

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Calligraphy Demo: Copperplate r & s connections

May 11, 2020

Instagram Live Mini Lesson #4 (May 9, 2020, Instagram @inkmethis Live Story)

Learn to write the lowercase r and s in copperplate style and the placement of the hanging exit strokes on b, o, v, w. Then connect it all together!

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Calligraphy Demo: Overlapping Lines & Modified Ascenders

May 10, 2020

Instagram Live Mini Lesson #3 (May 2, 2020, Instagram @inkmethis Live Story)

See how to address overlapping ascenders and descenders and how to add flourishing to an ascender after finishing a word.

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Calligraphy Demo: Word Spacing & Understanding Guide Sheet Ratios

May 10, 2020

Instagram Live Mini Lesson #2 (April 25, 2020, Instagram @inkmethis Live Story)

Learn two strategies for consistent word spacing and how to understand callligraphy guide sheet structure.

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Calligraphy Demo: Squaring Off Tops & Full Pressure Strokes

May 09, 2020

Instagram Live Mini Lesson #1 (April 18, 2020, Instagram @inkmethis Live Story)

Learn the easy trick to acheiving that squared off top to your underturns and how to keep your full pressure strokes consistent.

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