Kestrel Montes


Kestrel Montes, San Francisco Bay Area calligrapher and engraver, is the creative force behind INKMETHIS, a boutique of specialty calligraphy supplies. After 14 years in public education, Kestrel left the school world for a life of creating and teaching beautiful writing!

Francisco Montes

Francisco, other half of INKMETHIS, is the maker and fixer behind all things that work from handmade calligraphy pen holders to laser engraving to aaaaack the internet crashed!

Suzanne Cunningham

Suzanne Cunningham needs no introduction to many of us in the calligraphy community! With 27 years of experience, her skill and grace constantly wow us. Suzanne offers commissioned calligraphy services and frequently teaches for IAMPETH as well as local guilds and private lessons.

Harvest Crittenden

IAMPETH Certified Master Penman Harvest Crittenden is the owner of Acorn Arts and Director of the Spencerian Saga. Highly esteemed in the international calligraphy community, Harvest has more than 30 years experience as a professional artist and instructor.

Schin Loong

Schin Loong is a professional artist, calligrapher and author of Calligraphic Drawing, A How-to Guide and Gallery Exploring the Art of the Flourish. Schin creates masterful art of many forms in her studio, Open Ink Stand. Schin lives in Las Vegas with her dog, Wuffles, and is scheduled to teach at IAMPETH 2022.

Sachin Shah

Sachin is a software engineer by qualification and a calligrapher by passion for over 25 years. Always fascinated by letters and an inspiration to many around the world, he is an expert at most scripts and loves to share his knowledge with everyone interested in the arts.

Jen Sweeney

Jen Sweeney enjoyed a 30 year career as a Pediatric Nurse/Nurse Practitioner but left the medical field in 2019 to start her business J Sweeney Designs. Calligraphy was her first love but now she’s smitten with watercolor. Known for her love of the wedge brush she continues to uncover innovative ways to use this tool. When not creating she’s likely out cycling with her husband.

Britt Rohr

Britt Rohr is a professional letterpress artist and owner of Swell Press, a Southern California based stationery studio known for her unique aesthetic and refined designs. Britt works closely with calligraphers to transform their script into gorgeous pieces of paper art!

Yasar Mohammed

Yasar is an Engineer from India living in Germany. With a passion for calligraphy since he was only 5, he now focuses primarily on Copperplate. Exploration led him to create multiple Procreate brushes that digitally mimic pointed pen and broad edge nibs. He's become quite the wealth of iPad knowledge for calligraphers!

Angelique Phillips

Angelique Ink was created out of a love of creativity and the written word! Angi has lettered thousands of handwritten pieces for a range of clients all over the globe, from big brands to personal commissions, and has instructed over 2500 students in learning the art of modern calligraphy.