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Envelope Addressing List Management for Calligraphers


If you have ever addressed envelopes for client work, you know that centering all the lines is no small feat!

And before we do that, we would need to get the list cleaned up, double-checked, etiquette reviewed, and confirm the zip codes aren’t missing any digits.

But clients normally send a .csv file and what if you aren’t great at spreadsheet manipulation? This course builds your computer skills for envelope addressing. The class teaches you to use Excel, Google Sheets, mail merge in Word, and data merge in InDesign. Then, you pick which one you like best!

This course shows you specifically what we need to do as calligraphers! And then how to use that for centering magic!

 24 short video lessons
 Self-paced guided learning
 Watch and re-watch the course as many times as you want
 One year access to video course content
 Closed captioning in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional)

Getting Started
Introduction & Handouts
• Addressing Etiquette
• Practice File
• Centering Hack

Using Excel
• Zip Code Correction & Validation
• Replacing Text by Data Filtering
• Combining Data from Different Cells
• Combining Data from Different Cells with Data Filtering
• Combining Data Into Stacked Format
• Printing Our Final List
Using Google Sheets
• Shared File Warning
• Zip Code Formatting
• Replacing Text with Data Filtering
• Combining Data from Different Cells
• Combining Data with Data Filtering
• Combining Data Into Stacked Format
• Printing Our Final List
Cover Your Butt
• Getting Client Approval
Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word
• How to Use Mail Merge in Word
• List Clean Up Before Word Mail Merge
• Mixing Fonts in Word Mail Merge
Using Data Merge InDesign
• How to Use Data Merge in InDesign
• Mixing Fonts in InDesign Data Merge
Google Sheets Mail Merge
• About Mail Merge in Google Sheets

You will need to use either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (pick one). Optional use of: Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.

Upon completing registration, you will have immediate access to log into the course page using your email and password. Please see the Help tab if you need assistance.