Modern Calligraphy: Secrets of Style


You've admired Angelique Ink for her eye-catching signature style. Now she'll share the secrets to developing your own!



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What you'll learn:

Instead of teaching you her style, Angi teaches you her methods for developing endless styles! The goal of this class is to give you the tools to unleash your own creative powers!

  • An exploration of variations of letters Aa-Zz 
  • Techniques for developing a style with unique flavor
  • How to break the traditional calligraphy “rules” with intention
  • The use of flourishes and exaggerations to add character to letterforms
  • Exercises to help you loosen up and push you out of your comfort zone
  • How to branch out from your usual style with creativity and fun
  • An understanding of what makes a modern style visually appealing
  • Strategies for examining and modifying your script to create endless style possibilities
  • How to draft a short calligraphy composition with movement, rhythm and balance


Angi’s class is not one of intimidation, but an avenue of confidence building. She makes it look easy and shows you the possibilities

laura f.

Angi has excellent communication skills and a commanding knowledge of her craft. On top of that she is a true artist.

candace c.

I learned so much from her and was grateful to learn her technique hands-on in a fun and educational way!

How this will work:

  • This is a live online group workshop via Zoom. 
  • Live lessons will be recorded and available for review after each class session.
  • Each lesson will be approximately 2 hours with a 20-30 minute Q&A session at the end.
  • You will be able to see me and a close view of my paper.
  • You will be provided with guide sheets and handouts for download.
  • The same class will be offered during two different times of the day to facilitate schedules and time zones. 









annalyssa l.

Getting the opportunity to learn from Angi was pure magic! Angi is such a kind and fun teacher with amazing and beautiful expertise!


I learned so much more than I thought. I cannot express how fun and enjoyable learning with her was.


I wish I could give her 10 stars! :) I highly highly highly recommend Angelique, Ink!”


About Angi:

Angelique Ink was created out of a love of creativity and the written word! Angi has lettered thousands of handwritten pieces for a range of clients all over the globe, from big brands to personal commissions, and has instructed over 2500 students in learning the art of modern calligraphy