Gift an experience!

professional calligraphy teachers

Calligraphy never goes out of style.
Learning never wears out.
Be the gifting hero this year!



Calligraphy is a gift that never goes out of style! 

  • Valid on any course registration fee
  • No expiration date
  • A personalized printable certificate will be emailed*
  • The digital certificate will include a unique coupon code valid for the value of this purchase
  • The lucky recipient simply enters the unique code during course registration to redeem the gift**
  • You do a happy dance because you will be the gifting hero!

Gift an experience, gift new memories!


* Please allow up to 2 business days to process your unique code and personalized certificate. (A real human will actually make the file and email it to you.)

** Code will not track balance if only partially redeemed (only valid for one use). We know. Kind of dumb. But it's the limitation of the system.

Gift a thing!

professional calligraphy teachers

Calligraphy doesn't require a lot of supplies but, like with most trades or crafts, quality supplies make a huge difference. For a more successful and enjoyable experience, make sure they have the right supplies.



Would they rather get a thing?

If you prefer, you can get them a gift certificate to a handmade holder, a calligraphy engraving machine, an ink stirrer, a personalized leather blotter... 

We have all sorts of coveted specialty calligraphy supplies over at our main website, INKMETHIS.