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Enjoying my 4th class with your team and admire your skill at setting up this user-friendly way of providing world-class instruction for a global clientele.

- Linda


Pointed Pen: Tips & Tricks

To build your confidence and inking mastery, Kestrel Montes @inkmethis shares all the tips & tricks to pointed pen calligraphy! This course covers the behind the scenes foundational skills left out of most workshops! Perfect for those who wonder how people make it look so easy!


Calligraphy Engraving:
Basics to Beyond

Take your calligraphy to a whole new set of surfaces! This comprehensive course ensures you understand the tools, gives you a foundation of beginning skills and takes you all the way through advanced techniques including long layouts and complex graphics.


Calligraphy Engraving:
Going Pro

Want to add engraving to your professional calligraphy services?  Learn the ins and outs of offering engraving to private clients and luxury brands: how to get the jobs, what to take with you, how to go above and beyond to wow your clients! Includes enrollment in Basics to Beyond Course



Madarasz Script

Learn the swirling romantic hand of early 20th century penman Louis Madarasz with Schin Loong @openinkstand! Madarasz became known for his dramatically ornate script. And Schin's interpretation is stunning! If you love flourishes and swells, this script is for you!

MAR 2021 | $195

Advanced Study

Master Penman Harvest Crittenden leads an advanced study of this elegant vintage script. Get ready to elevate the quality and style of your script with an in-depth study of alternate letter-forms, intricate capitals, advanced entry strokes and a bit of decorative flourishes.

APRIL 2021 | $195

Calligraphic Drawing

Schin Loong, author of Calligraphic Drawing, creates stunning and whimsical drawings using pointed pen flourishes. Learn Schin's friendly step-by-step process that culminates in incorporating words/addresses into your flourished masterpieces!

MAY 2021 | $185

Digitizing Calligraphy

Wine labels, laser engraving, web logos, letterpress printing... they all require a special digitization process to preserve the beauty of your strokes! Britt Rohr of @swellpress teaches us all the steps to transform our paper and ink (or iPad) calligraphy into the digitized format needed for reproduction.

MAY 2021 | $185

Copperplate Script

Arguably the most recognized traditional script, Copperplate, is a "must have" in your calligraphy toolbelt. Kestrel Montes @inkmethis teaches the structure of an elegant upper and lowercase alphabet with variations. Perfect for those interested in learning or improving their skill in this versatile script. 

JUNE 2021 | $195

The Wedge Brush Garden

Want to adorn your calligraphy with delicate watercolor butterflies, flowers & greenery? Calligrapher Jen Sweeney @jsweeneydesigns shares her love for watercolor & walnut ink! Grab a nib and a wedge brush - Jen leads us through her signature garden style. 

JUNE 2021 | $185

The Art of the Oval

Take your calligraphy to the next level with Suzanne Cunningham! When executed correctly, flourishing is a beautiful way to enhance &elevate your letterforms. Learn Suzanne's favorite flourishes and the rules that unlock the secrets to making yours look balanced and elegant. 

JUNE 2021 | $195

Meet the Ruling Pen

Love the dramatic and edgy vibe of a ruling pen? Let's break it out! The ruling pen makes a fun addition to your calligraphy skills! These strange pens that look like something out of the garage toolbox create interesting textures and expressive strokes. Hop on board and let Sachin Shah show you his ways! 

JUNE 2021 | $95

Procreate for Calligraphers

Grab your Apple Pencil and let's do ink-less calligraphy! Procreate is a powerful tool that lets us create endless designs without the mess or limitations of ink. Living where supplies can be scarce, calligrapher Yasar Mohammad of @yamohcreates turned to his iPad and mastered the same amazing pointed pen and broad edge scripts!!

JULY 2021 | $85

Italic Hand

Curvy yet angular, Italic is sexy and timeless! Dive into this elegant broad edge hand with Sachin Shah of @sachinspiration. Sachin gives a fluid and graceful touch to this Renaissance era alphabet. Italic hand combines well with many calligraphy script styles making it a dynamic and popular choice for invitations and art pieces.

AUG 2021 | $195

Conquering Layouts

Ready to tackle long pieces but breaking your brain on the layout? Learn the approaches of Harvest Crittenden, Suzanne Cunningham & Kestrel Montes! Three teachers unlock the mystery of arranging large quantities of text: line breaks, centering, paper size, drafting. We'll also talk paper types, inks, sealants, signing, pricing and shipping! 

AUGUST 2021 | $245

Modern Copperplate

We can always count on Suzanne Cunningham for the most polished scripts and her Modern Copperplate is no exception! Instead of an "anything goes" approach to modern calligraphy, Suzanne stays true to the traditional rules that give elegance and balance to calligraphy scripts while adding a bit of bounce and a touch of relaxed fun.

SEP 2021 | $195

Beginners & Improvers

Designed during the Golden Age of Penmanship, Spencerian Script is known for it's delicate, sweeping lines. Learn one of the most requested bridal hands from Master Penman Harvest Crittenden. Perfect for those interested in learning or improving their skill in this elegant vintage hand.

SEP 2021 | $195

Modern Calligraphy:
Secrets of Style

Did you ever wonder how Angelique Ink comes up with soooo many script styles? Angi teaches you her processes to creatively and purposefully design an endless assortment of visually appealing styles. This class is all about developing scripts and compositions unique to you! 

NOV 2021 | $185

Majestically Fraktured

Join Sachin Shah @sachinspiration to learn the details of this magnificent show-stopping style! Fraktur literally means "fractured" in German. This hand is comprised of many broken and angular strokes. A Blackletter form developed originally for legibility, Fraktur now evokes a sense of majestic ornateness.

NOV 2021 | $195

The Business of Calligraphy

Kestrel Montes, of INKMETHIS, shares all her experience building a thriving business: determining the focus, finding clients, licenses, marketing, social media, offering services, selling products, diversifying your revenue streams, developing passive income, resources & more! She'll help you launch your dreams! Hosted by Acorn Arts.

JAN 2022 | $395 VIA ACORN ARTS

Envelopes & Etiquette

The calligrapher's guide to proper addressing with Suzanne Cunningham! Learn everything that goes into the process of offering envelope addressing as a professional service. Suzanne guides you from list preparation all the way through to client delivery.

EARLY 2022 | $195

Calligraphy Number Variations

Most classes and books focus on letters but Kestrel Montes @inkmethis puts the spotlight on numbers! Learn multiple variations of each digit for aesthetic options plus extras like ordinal numbers and roman numerals. Addresses and dates are finally going to shine!

EARLY 2022 | $55

This was a good avenue to be able to pursue another class while also helping my family as I could go back and review the recording. Thanks for sharing your love of calligraphy.

- Beverly


Many thanks for putting this set of classes together! Patience, clear communication, and smarts - you've got it all, my friend. Hope to see you in another of your classes!

- Petrea



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Congrats for the organization, everything was perfect! The site was very friendly and so easy to find all the information! Everything you needed was there!! I just loved it!

- Ana Cláudia